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vrac ordonné
conditionnement en bobines


After their manufacture, our textile cords and braids are delivered in several types of packaging, depending on their use and their physical characteristics. The objective is to facilitate handling and use, and to deliver our braids and cords in the best conditions.

  • In reels of 25m to 2000m: braids, halyards, cordage, elastics and small diameter cords are wound on reels
  • On a spool from 50m to 100m: flat braids are wound on themselves to form flat rolls
  • In coils from 25m to 100m: semi-rigid products (sealing cords, tubes and extruded rods) are wound around a hollow axis
  • In drums of 50m to 100m: large diameter cables and ropes are wound around a drum.
  • In ordered bulk: the braids are folded and arranged in an ordered manner in boxes
  • In cut ends: the braids and cords are cut according to fixed dimensions, and stored in bags


Types of
Spools, reels, wafers, crowns, ordered bulk, cut ends
Application : Clothing, decoration, industry


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