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Textile sleeves

The braiding of textile sleeves is made from threads of technical material (aramid, glass, nylon, polyester…) or natural material (cotton, linen) depending on the objectives. The goal is to create a covering that combines both an aesthetic aspect and technical characteristics (waterproofing, fire or cold resistance, electrical and magnetic insulation, cable protection, etc.).

From our workshop in France, we create all types of flexible textile sheaths for electrical cables, pipes, hoses and other supports, for industrial applications (heating and air conditioning, air diffusion, motorization, electrical supply). We ensure all the stages of the production, from the design to the treatment of the textile sleeves. Each product is made in strict compliance with the specifications.

Our technical team is at your disposal to inform you about all the technical aspects of the manufacture of flexible and protective sleeves, and to advise you on the textile material used in braiding.