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Fireproof elastic

We manufacture fire resistant elastic cord for applications in aeronautics, construction, industry, security… These non-flammable and protective elastics can be used in technical fabric and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the protection of personnel facing very high temperatures, such as firefighters, soldiers and production workers in industry.

Our fire resistant elastic is composed of a Fire Resistant elastomer core and a Nomex® sheath, an aramid particularly resistant to flames and extreme heat.

100% manufactured in our production workshop in France, our fire resistant elastic cords and bungee cords comply with rigorous specifications and conform to the horizontal flame test according to the UL1441 standard. (Note: the M0 and M1 standards, required in the building sector, are unusable, as they relate to product surfaces of 1 m2 and are therefore unsuitable for narrow textiles such as elastic cords).

Usually black in color, our flame retardant elastic cord can be braided in other colors upon request and is available in several diameters.

Contact our team to know all the possibilities offered by the flame retardant elastic (product manufactured from 200m, by reference and color).

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Dark fireproof elastic cord
Dark fireproof elastic cord


Dimensions : Ø 3 mm to 8 mm
Elongation : 30% to 300%
Materials : Aramide (Nomex®), Fireproof elastomer
Colors : Black, other colours on request
Applications : Security, Industry, Construction, Aeronautics
Packaging : In reels, in cut pieces

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