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Shrink wrap ribbon

Harnessing tape is a flat braid used to hold and fix technical cables, during the realization of bundles in the automotive industry, aeronautics, telecom, security…

Very resistant, these tapes ensure a solid assembly for the armatures of rotors, the bandage of coil on motors, transformers and rotating machines, without damaging the insulation of cables. The use of a flat shape improves the robustness of the assembly, thanks to a better grip.

Harnessing tapes are made from strong, temperature-resistant fibers such as HT polyester, polyamide (-55°C to +120°C), aramid (-55°C to +240°C) or glass (-55°C to +430°C). They are usually white, but we can offer other colors on request.

In addition to tapes, we also manufacture custom-made lacing cord for the same type of use (cable binding).

Our team is at your disposal to present you all the possibilities in the creation of custom-made banding tape from 200 meters (by reference and color).

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electric motor winding
Shrink wrap tape
Shrink wrap tape


Dimensions : Ø 1 to 5mm
Materials : Polyester HT, Polyamide, Aramide, Glass fiber
Colors : See available colours
Applications : Tying, stowing, packaging
Packaging: In reels, in cut pieces

Other materials, colors and sizes are available upon request.

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