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Overbraiding of textile sheaths

Overbraiding consists of braiding a sheath over a PVC or rubber core, to obtain mechanical or thermal protection, or simply to improve the appearance of a hose or an electrical cable. Several layers can be braided to achieve optimum characteristics in the final product.

Overbraid is widely used in the automotive, household appliances, air conditioning, ventilation, industry… Our workshop uses a wide variety of colors and technical materials (Kevlar®, Dyneema®, HT polyester, glass yarn, basalt, …) or natural materials (linen, cotton) for the overbraiding of customized textile sheath and hose. This cover is for technical and decorative purposes.

We propose the overbraiding of technical material on extruded profiles manufactured by ATIPLAST (member of the Gauthier Group) or on supports provided by our customers. We have a 56 spindle loom to achieve ultra-resistant overbraiding, in the shortest possible time and in compliance with all technical constraints.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any project of creation of high quality overbraided cable or cord on cable, tube or rush. The entire process of design and production of the product is carried out in France, in our workshop in Ambert (63).

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