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overbraiding on plastic rods

The realization of an overbraiding on a plastic rod (in PVC or Polyethylene) allows to obtain thick and resistant cords, used as insulation, handles of bag, upholstery of piece of furniture…

We use different synthetic materials (polyester, aramid, polypropylene, Lurex) or natural materials (cotton, linen) for overbraiding, in order to obtain particular physical properties. The study, design and manufacture are 100% French, carried out in our workshop in France.

The combination of different materials and colors contributes to the creation of an original overbraiding, in phase with the product it accompanies.

We also propose the manufacturing of plastic rod by extrusion, to provide a support of overbraiding adapted to your needs: our team is at your disposal to present you all the possibilities.

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Yellow overbraiding on rod
Blue overbraiding on rod


Dimensions : Ø 5 to 15 mm
Materials : Polypropylene, Polyester, Aramide, Lurex®, Cotton, Linen
Colors : See available colours
Applications : Decoration, furniture, luggage
Packaging : In coils, in cut ends, in rings, in reels

Other materials, colors and sizes are available upon request.

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