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Extruded tube

We produce on demand several types of extruded plastic tubes, with different shapes (circular, square, rectangular or specific shape), and different hardnesses. These plastic ducts are intended for sanitary installations, large household appliances, packaging, cabling and all activities that require the use of a flexible and resistant container.

  • Industrial transparent pipe for gas and fluid transport
  • PVC tube for the transport of food fluids
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tube resistant to weather and high temperatures

Many colors are available for custom tube extrusion. By overbraiding the tube, it is possible to improve the aesthetics and reinforce the protection of the content (electrical cable, telephone cable, fluid…)



Dimensions : Ø 2mm to 17mm
Materials : PVC, PE, PA, TPE, Silicone
Applications : Sanitary installation, household appliances, wiring, DIY, industry
Packaging In crown


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