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Organic elastic cord

100% made in France, in our production workshop our organic elastic cord combines the flexibility of Oeko-Tex certified latex and the natural charm of organic cotton, certified according to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This organic elastic cord participates in a responsible and environmentally friendly textile production.

certification GOTS   certification Oeko-Tex

With a natural cotton braided sheath, our organic elastic cord has a color that can vary naturally from white to ecru, depending on the material. It can be used in clothing, decoration or packaging, in all projects that use organic materials and as part of an eco-responsible approach.

The addition of colored thread or metallic threads in Lurex® allows to personalize the cord and to create a custom design for a brand or a ready-to-wear collection.

Our organic elastic can be finalized by overmolding the plastic end, in order to obtain a ready-to-use cord for the making of clothes or the creation of fashion accessories. This service is also provided in France by the company Atiplast, also a member of the Gauthier Group.

Contact our team of braiding specialists to discover all the possibilities of creating organic elastic cords (production from 200 meters per reference).

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Organic cotton elastic cord - 734/025B
Organic cotton elastic cord - 725/030


Dimensions : Ø 1.2 mm to 3 mm
Elongation : 30% to 300%
Materials : Organic cotton, Latex
Colours : Raw
Applications : Decoration, Packaging, Clothing, Haberdashery
Packaging: In reels, in cut pieces

Other materials, colors and sizes are available upon request.

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