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Extruded rod

We offer a wide range of extruded rods from 3 to 15mm diameter, in different thermoplastic materials (PE, PA, PP, PVC rods…), to be used as components for the realization of projects of textile confection, luggage, decoration, outdoor furnishing…

Each extruded rod can be realized in different profiles: circular, square, rectangular, specific… and in a wide choice of colors and transparencies. For each plastic rod, we choose the most suitable material according to the hardness required by the specifications.

A step of overbraiding on rush allows to obtain a final product, with a personalized design, ready to integrate a decoration object or a fashion accessory.


Dimensions : Ø 3 mm to 15 mm
Materials : PVC, PP (Polypropylène), PE (Polyéthylène), PA (Polyamide)
Applications : Clothing, furniture, decoration, luggage
Packaging: In crown


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