Subcontracting in braiding and textile weaving

Specialized in weaving and braiding of narrow textile (cords, ribbons, braids, elastics), we put our know-how at your disposal in industrial subcontracting.

We can ensure all the stages of manufacture, from the study of the project, to the braiding and the weaving of several hundreds of meters, by respecting scrupulously the specifications. Serving big names in clothing and industry, our technicians will know how to implement the best textile solution, in the best time.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all the possibilities in weaving and braiding of technical products.

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Organic cotton elastic ord
Elastic cords
Elastic braid
Elastic braids
Rigid braid
Rigid braids
Woven strap
Woven straps
glossy polyester taffeta ribbon, peach color
Taffeta ribbons
Black Halyard
Black Tarpaulin tensioner